Complex networks appear in a variety of contexts as, for example, social networks, the WWW, financial networks, power supplying networks, etc. The workshop will bring together the researchers who are interested in how the phenomena emerging in these networks can be understood in terms of statistical physics, and give an opportunity to discuss most recent progress in the field. Topics of interest include (but are not limited to):

  • Percolation model, Ising model, Potts model in Complex Networks
  • Nonlinear Dynamics in Complex Networks
  • Growing Networks Organizing Criticality
  • Cascade and Avalanche in Complex Networks
  • Fractals and Self-similarities of Complex Networks
  • Games in Complex Networks
  • Transport and Communication in Complex Networks



31 July, 2013Deadline for registration
31 July, 2013Deadline for poster registration
19 August, 2013Deadline for submission of long abstracts
9-11 September, 2013Workshop